JLstyle - Custom Merchandise and Promotional Product Manufacturing

JLstyle is a China-based retail and promotional product manufacturer

JLstyle serves distributors, retail buyers and product developers around the world. Our clientele receives the highest quality product, on time and manufactured in a safe way. Our product lines include apparel, headwear and metal premiums such as metal retro coolers.

Custom Promotional Products

Vintage Stainless Steel Barrel Shot Glasses

Quality Bag Manufacturing & Development

Promotional Product Manufacturer

Metal Retro Coolers, Chests & Patio Tables

Vintage Cooler Line: 13 liter metal retro drink cooler

We also provide full product development and customization services. JLstyle develops unique merchandise for distinguished brands from all over the globe. Visit our product page to see examples of our manufacturing capabilities.

Our offices are in Suzhou, China and Wilmington, NC, USA; communication and accessibility is around the clock.

Pre-Production Samples: Critical Points When Confirming

We’ve been going through the gambit of points on sampling; how to make the process smoother, obstacles, when to confirm, etc…  In this 3rd post on the sampling phase, let’s look at critical points during the sign-off phase. […]

More on Sampling Process: Once the Samples Arrive…Then What?

Once the samples arrive from the factory is a critical moment in the sampling process. This is a big moment for buyers because it’s sort of that time period where you see your quoting and sourcing work start paying off. You’re opening a FedEx package that usually marked with Chinese characters and layers of airway bills, excited that you’re going to see your product in the flesh.  […]

10 Sampling Tips for China Sourcing

Sampling, after the RFQ phase is part of the foundational to the start to a China manufacturing project. Concerns and setbacks during the sample phase, prove the project to be starting on shaky ground. If sampling is smooth and gives keen insight into the product and type of supplier you’re working with, then you’re on the right path. […]


JLstyle is a Chinese promotional product manufacturer and exporter for headwear, bags and premium merchandise. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. We manufacture safely and on-time.


JLstyle is headquartered in Suzhou city of the Jiangsu Province.  We work in factories, we work on-the-go, we work while you are sleeping, we are where you need us to be, to make your project a success.


JLstyle supplies to the retail and promotional product industries. For 15 years we’ve manufactured for world renown brands. JLstyle is a promotional product manufacturer that understands global industries and international expectations.


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“We’re a customer-focused retail and promotional product manufacturer. For 15 years we’ve strived to make sure our customers’ projects are successes and that they’ve found more than a supplier, but a partner in China.”
Arielle Zhou• General Manager



JLstyle is a retail merchandise and promotional product manufacturer that understands global business. Since our founding in 2004, JLstyle continues to export premium merchandise to promotional product buyers, retail brands and product developers worldwide. We understand product safety, timing and the long-term aspect of building buyer relationships. Please contact us today.


Supplier & Buyer Communication in China Sourcing

Many China manufacturing problems between buyer and supplier all boil down to communication.  This all bleeds over into service and more importantly, into the quality of the goods. When both sides increase understanding, both sides are then working with a higher quality product. Communication, in its various forms is what keeps buyers up-to-speed and what keeps the trust level up.  […]

Red Flags Showing a Possible Order Delay in China Manufacturing

Buyers too often rest secure in assuming the factory is rightly manufacturing their order, timing looks good and no sign of order delay is in sight. This is in spite of the red flags that were majestically waving throughout the project. Buyers tend to have selective belief when dealing with offshore vendors. It’s human nature, right? I mean, we all hope things “go right” and therefore, we choose to believe, regardless of the evidences that scream otherwise.  […]

4 Things to Consider When Your Supplier Quotes a High Price

A buyer opens the quote sheet, their eyes immediately float to the price per piece and they see a high price. “Sigh, the search continues for a quote. Was hoping that supplier would work out, but they gave me a high price”. They close the sheet and continue searching and shopping about. Frustration plagues the process. But before you write off a supplier based on a “high price” here are 4 considerations to ponder. […]