Why JLstyle?

  • Proven track record of delivering superior products for international brands. Just look at our product lines. That’s stuff we make!
  • In-depth understanding of the promotional product and retail industries. We don’t just manufacture, but we manufacture for YOUR industry.
  • A manufacturer who controls the process from sampling to delivery. This covers client expectations, safe-manufacturing standards and logistics.
  • Experience in serving customers worldwide. English-speaking staff available during most U.S. business hours.

About JLstyle

Promotional Product Industry, Retail Fulfillment, Product Development

The retail and promotional product industries need to import smoothly, safely and cost competitively. Out this need, JLstyle was born. Since 2003 JLstyle has manufactured and supplied for globally recognized brands.

The JLstyle team collectively has 15 years experience manufacturing for the Western-side of our globe (And by the way, we manufacture for the Eastern-side too).

So what does this mean?

It means that when working with JLstyle, you are not just buying from another supplier, but you are cooperating with a partner who understands your industry, manages your expectations and values your project’s success.

The primary product lines we offer our buyers are; metallic merchandise, vintage metal coolers, drink and barware, headwear and bags. We also do marvelous work in customized manufacturing. In other words, if you have a concept, let us help you make it a reality.

Visit our product lines to get a feel for the unique manufacturing we can offer you.

From Suzhou, China, the JLstyle team daily handles the entire spectrum; from sampling to delivery. With a sales and liaison office on the East Coast of the USA (Wilmington, NC), JLstyle is available during Western-working hours.

On the promotional product industry side, we are an ASI supplier: asi/63026

Contact us by email and it will not take long for us to get back to you.

Custom merchandise solutions…something more than ball pens and tote bags.

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