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23 10, 2016

Making Changes Once Mass Production Starts

Making changes, once mass production starts, can either be tricky, difficult or all the way up to impossible. In this post, let’s look at how to handle when making changes are required after mass production has already started. […]

28 05, 2016

Promo Products: Considerations Before Manufacturing Starts

Before the start of manufacturing is a critical time period that’s largely overlooked. As a buyer, you’re waiting to issue the Purchase Order to your vendor or send the deposit wire. This isn’t the time for casualness in your China sourcing project. […]

1 07, 2016

How China Factories View Promotional Product Inquiries

The fact is, that when overseas buyers source promotional products, they rarely deal factory direct. Because promotional product buyers deal in such a wide range of merchandise, it’s impossible for them to directly contract a factory for each inquiry and each order. But, in the instances when they do contact directly with a factory or their intermediary partner contacts with the factory, how do many China factories view potential promotional product business?  […]

1 04, 2016

Before You Make the Deposit Payment in China Manufacturing

In China manufacturing, make sure there is a level of assurance before you wire the first deposit payment to your supplier. Not so much to avoid a scams but to avoid misunderstandings in specs, thus resulting in incorrect mass production from the factory.  […]

12 04, 2016

5 Habits of Successful Promotional Product Importers

Promotional product importers are different than your average importer. They frequently work on a wide range of products and aggressive time frames. […]

6 03, 2016

Background Info to Provide China Supplier in Product Sourcing

In product sourcing, provide the right background info to the supplier. This gives the supplier a more accurate understanding of the project. The more accurate understanding, the more accurate the quote. An accurate quote is closely related to good quality mass production AND a timely delivery…which is the goal of the whole thing, right? […]

1 03, 2016

5 Reasons Offshore Promotional Product Orders Fail

A buyer’s nightmare is when the QC company goes to the factory and the order’s a mess. A buyer’s WORST nightmare is when the order arrives and the goods are a mess. Here are 5 reasons a potentially successful promo product order becomes a failure. […]

9 02, 2016

Timeline in Making Custom Samples

If you’re working on a custom project, here is a basic step-by-step guide on some key phases in making custom samples.  […]

1 02, 2016

A Few More Thoughts: When to Take Your Promo Item Project Offshore…

Many promotional product buyers will decide at some point on whether to source domestically and when to take the promo item project offshore. Here are further considerations for manufacturing a promo item project outside of your own borders. […]

11 01, 2016

Promotional Product Orders & Professional Buying

In manufacturing promotional product orders, there is a wide-range of professionalism when it comes to buyers. For the sake of quality manufacturing and smooth importing, buyers should always maintain a sense of professionalism. […]

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