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Start today by emailing us your RFQ for consultation and rapid price quote. Our quote time usually takes 24 to 48 hours. So don’t worry, there’s not usually any down time in hearing back from us. We believe in a tight, transparent communication with both our clientele and our vendors.

JLstyle’s product lines include; apparel, headwear, metal premiums (such as retro coolers) as well as custom merchandise. We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and welcome you to investigate our product page to get a full idea of our experience and manufacturing abilities.

Check out example of our manufacturing capabilities

We prepare and send price quotations directly from our Suzhou, China office so that you’re getting first-hand customer service from on-the-ground China reps. Our sells office in Wilmington, North Carolina is also always available to field inquiries and for further discussion.

When sending your inquiry, provide the following information:

  • Possible order quantity
  • Images as well as any digital visuals on the item
  • Any particulars necessary for us to know for proper quoting; measurements, packing, or any specific aspects that take special development.
  • Desired in-hand date. This is highly important for promotional product manufacturing, considering how critical timing is in the industry, right?
  • Artwork: as much information that you’re able to provide concerning the branding.

Whatever information you’re able to provide, great! If there’s something missing, no worries! Because of JLstyle’s rich history in supplying promotional products, we’re definitely able to ask the right questions.

Finally, see the below articles with loads of tips and advice on promotional products manufacturing from China!

27 07, 2016

Air Shipment for Offshore Promo Orders

Large portions of orders in the promotional product biz are sent from China via air shipment. Did you know that for a certain type and large portion of promotional orders, air shipment is more economic and efficient than sea freight?  […]

8 06, 2016

Promotional Product Sourcing: Domestic vs. Offshore

When sourcing promotional products, it goes without saying that there are differences in buying domestic versus importing. It should go without saying, but frequently buyers operate as if there is little to no difference. […]

30 05, 2016

More Considerations Prior to Starting Your Promo Product Order

Before your order starts is sort of a final phase where you can reconsider and make sure you’ve covered all of your basis. Sure you can also adjust during the order, but sometimes, the factory may get so far, that any adjustment leads to a large money or time loss in the order. […]

20 04, 2016

The Benefit of Asking Your Vendor the Right Questions

In global promotional product sourcing, the buyer that’s prone to success is the buyer that asks questions. Learning to listen to what the offshore supplier says or doesn’t say is part of precise order control, […]

12 04, 2016

5 Habits of Successful Promotional Product Importers

Promotional product importers are different than your average importer. They frequently work on a wide range of products and aggressive time frames. […]

18 03, 2016

Promo Item Sourcing: Describing Specs & Products

Things get tricky when describing products and expectations to Chinese suppliers. This is especially true in promo item sourcing. Here are some tips to assist in more efficient product & spec descriptions. […]

13 03, 2016

Promo Item Sourcing: Reviewing Supplier Price Quotes

China sourcing requires frequent interaction with supplier price quotes. Clients may have multiple price sheets per week to review. Thoughtfully reviewing supplier price quotes will avoid some of the inefficiencies that plague the importing process. […]

23 03, 2016

Tips on Strengthening Promotional Product Inquiries

Let’s talks about strengthening promotional product inquiries in China sourcing. In the promo industry, a common complaint when quoting offshore, is that the supplier didn’t answer, didn’t answer on time or didn’t thoroughly answer the inquiry. […]

10 03, 2016

Price Quote Questions in Promotional Item Sourcing

What questions come to mind when you look at your price quote? The post will obviously be geared to the promotional product distributor & importer… […]

7 02, 2016

Keys to Urgent Delivery for Promotional Product Orders

More times than not, promotional product orders manufactured in China require urgent delivery. Here’s a few keys to achieve this coveted urgent delivery. […]

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