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5 Reasons Offshore Promotional Product Orders Fail

A buyer’s nightmare is when the QC company goes to the factory and the order’s a mess. A buyer’s WORST nightmare is when the order arrives and the goods are a mess. Here are 5 reasons a potentially successful promo product order becomes a failure. […]

More Thoughts on Import Order Documents

Your import order documents are a critical aspect of smooth customs clearance and timely delivery. In the promotional product business where timely delivery is key, it’s necessary to share a few more thoughts on this topic. […]

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Reminders on Order Documents

Order documents are an often overlooked but a critical aspect of your China sourcing project. When it comes to working with Chinese vendors and being proactive on your order documents, here’s some order reminders.  […]

5 Ways to Assure Mass Production Success

Success in mass production doesn’t happen when solely left to the supplier, but it’s buyer and supplier working arm-in-arm. Here are 5 ways to assure success in mass production.  […]

Timeline in Making Custom Samples

If you’re working on a custom project, here is a basic step-by-step guide on some key phases in making custom samples.  […]

Keys to Urgent Delivery for Promotional Product Orders

More times than not, promotional product orders manufactured in China require urgent delivery. Here’s a few keys to achieve this coveted urgent delivery. […]

A Few More Thoughts: When to Take Your Promo Item Project Offshore…

Many promotional product buyers will decide at some point on whether to source domestically and when to take the promo item project offshore. Here are further considerations for manufacturing a promo item project outside of your own borders. […]

5 Promotional Item Sourcing Tips

Buyers that tackle promotional item sourcing generally make the same mistakes. Sure, there are a ton of possible errors. But the core problems remain the same. I hope these tips shine some light on your offshore buying adventures and help you to avoid pitfalls. […]

Promotional Product Inquiry: When to Go Offshore

A buyer has a solid product inquiry in hand and they think; should I quote this from a Chinese supplier? […]

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Retro Coolers Premium Merchandise Guide

These large, metal retro coolers are a great item year-round. Particularly at the change of season, these vintage pieces take on a whole new relevancy. Here is everything you need to know about this exciting line of premium merchandise. […]

8 Tips on Sampling Promotional Items from China

When sourcing promotional items from China, the sampling process is a critical step towards confirming the order. Here are 8 tips that streamline the sampling phase. […]

Promotional Product Orders & Professional Buying

In manufacturing promotional product orders, there is a wide-range of professionalism when it comes to buyers. For the sake of quality manufacturing and smooth importing, buyers should always maintain a sense of professionalism. […]

Chinese New Year Information

Here is a list Chinese New Year info tidbits. […]

Price Quotation from Your China Supplier: What to Look For?

When you analyze price quotations from your China supplier, here is a list of points to spotlight. This is especially pertinent to those in the promotional product industry, product developers and retail merchandise importers. […]

Promotional Product Distributors Establishing China Supply Chains

It is possible for promotional product distributors to better establish their China sources for products (suppliers and factories) BEFORE they need them.  […]

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