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6 Ways to Emphasize Quality Expecations in Promo Merchandise Sourcing

When importers, distributors and direct brands tackle promo merchandise sourcing, generally they go through a bevy of suppliers. Think about how many different styles of items fall under the banner of promo merchandise. […]

China Manufacturing Payment Terms & Tips

Here are 7 tips regarding China manufacturing payment terms. A project can start well, samples look good and everything ready to go to an order…but…a payment term obstacle can delay, sour or ruin the entire project. […]

Partners to Keep Close in China Product Sourcing & Importing

In the world of China product sourcing and importing, partner companies create solid links in your supply chain. […]

Printed Logo Item China Sourcing Reminders

A few production control reminders for printed logo items when manufacturing in China. […]

Promotional Product Sourcing Checklist

When it comes to custom projects and product development in the world of promotional product sourcing; here’s a handy dandy checklist to keep you on your proverbial import-buying toes. […]

Types of China Promotional Product Suppliers

Not all suppliers are created equal. There are various types of China promotional product suppliers. […]

Tips for Beanie Sourcing in China

Here are, what I hope will be, helpful tips on beanie sourcing and manufacturing in China. Some places call them toboggans, or winter hats, or skullies, but we’ve found the common word for international sourcing has been beanies…and that’s what we’re sticking with 🙂 […]

Urgent Delivery Time in Promotional Product Manufacturing

One of the most important factors in overseas promotional product manufacturing is the urgent delivery time. Keep these 5 points when controlling timing for your promotional product orders. […]

5 Tips for Sending Artwork to Chinese Suppliers

Obviously when manufacturing promotional and branded product products, you will be sending artwork to your Chinese suppliers. Even if there is a special print box packaging with instructions and decoration or the product has some legal print, you’ll STILL be sending artwork to your Chinese suppliers. […]

5 Considerations For Your Chinese Supplier

In order to avoid any mistakes or delays during the project, bring up these 5 considerations for your Chinese Supplier. […]

Sending Sample Packages to Chinese Suppliers

Samples are a very necessary part of the project when manufacturing and sourcing for the promotional product  and retail industries. Here are 6 considerations for sending sample packages to Chinese suppliers. […]

5 Ways Besides Alibaba to Find Chinese Suppliers

As we all know, Alibaba almost has the virtual market cornered on ways to source Chinese suppliers. But here are 5 tips and reminders that there is more to Chinese suppliers than Alibaba! […]

Important Things to Chinese Employees

Here is a list of things that Chinese employees, in the manufacturing sector, find important. […]

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Chinese Holidays and Production Scheduling

As we’re entering the mid-Autumn season here in China, it’s important to remind all importers the connection of the Chinese holidays and production scheduling. […]

Shipping Marks on Export Cartons

Shipping marks on the export cartons; don’t relegate these important shipping and logistical markings to an afterthought.  […]

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