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More Considerations Prior to Starting Your Promo Product Order

Before the order starts isn't time to twiddle thumbs.

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More Considerations Prior to Starting Your Promo Product Order

Before your order starts is sort of a final phase where you can reconsider and make sure you’ve covered all of your basis. Sure you can also adjust during the order, but sometimes, the factory may get so far, that any adjustment leads to a large money or time loss in the order.

One stark difference in the promotional product industry versus retail or product development is that you’re going against the clock in a more aggressive fashion. Promo items have to meet an event launch or some specific in-hand date and if it doesn’t, it’s not so much a matter of the item being late but the entire project can be obsolete.

All the more reason before your order starts to be diligent and calculative over all aspects of pending manufacturing and shipment.

As a Part II to the last post, “Promo Products: Considerations Before Manufacturing” here are further considerations prior to starting the order.

Order payment

Have your payment terms been nailed down? Nothing causes a lag in rock n’ rolling mass production like once everyone is ready to begin, there is a standstill over the payment terms.

You may be thinking 30% deposit, 70% balance after departure. The supplier may be thinking 30% deposit and 70% balance BEFORE shipment.

Payment terms are something that should be solidified mucho days prior to getting to the ready-to-start point.


As urgency is the never-ceasing rule of thumb in most promotional product orders, as you’re waiting for the official start to the order, go back over your timing requirements.

  • Comb back through emails make super sure you expressed your timing requirements to the supplier.
  • Connect your expression of those dates to the supplier confirming the need. It should be in the quote file. You may also have their acknowledgement in the bodies of some emails or in a chat thread.
  • Most likely your discussions of timing with the supplier are in bits and pieces. Put all the data timing data and confirmations into one spreadsheet and ask the supplier to double-confirm they’re on the same page. It’s better to do this prior to starting the order than having a surprise on the backend.

Sample confirmed and everything ready to go?

You’ve already done sampling, but do you have a final confirmed sample? Many times you have a case of where there is a sample, and it’s pretty good, but you told the supplier to change such-and-such in mass production.

Is this safe enough?

Here’s a thought; before officially starting the order, is it possible to do 1 final sample and make sure it’s better?


Here’s something that probably has little to do with the supplier and everything with making sure your program is lined up. Have you arranged a quotation with your freight forwarder? Are you on your freight forwarder’s radar?
If timing is tight, you don’t want to line this up at the last minute. Your freight forwarder should have all packing specifications, photos of the item and everything as much as possible, way in advance.
Isn’t this time, prior to starting the order, better utilized checking all of your data and pre-confirmed points, instead of waiting until close to the end of production? You’ll have enough problems towards that time anyway. Don’t let procrastination pile on more.