Project Description

Branded Boxing Gloves

Material: Polyurethane plastic gives a weight and feel similar to what the professional champions themselves wear whenever it comes to boxing gloves.

Colors: Pantone color selectable, therefore, whatever the theme or campaign, let’s do some color matching.

Customization:  Provide us your artwork and allow us to make a mockup on your behalf. If you already have a mockup, send it to us with as much info as possible and we’ll assure everything is production ready.

Sampling: 15 days from start to to-door delivery.

Timing: Minimum order runs approximately 25 days. For larger runs approx 45 days, but please contact us to discuss your timing parameters.

Keep in mind that for a lower quantity order, air freight is an excellent solution for fast timing. For lower volume orders, air freight is more economical than sea freight when manufacturing and delivering from offshore. Of course we can assist in booking to-door USA and to-port other countries. We’re well experienced in USA customs clearance.