Project Description

Classic Domino Set, Retro Tin Box Packing

Full, classic domino set in retro tin box. Display your brand to the crew while you’re getting together and “slammin’ bones”.

Material: Dominos in melamine material.

Branding:  custom logo on the blank portion of the domino and full color and offset printing on tin box.

Timing:  Mass production for 5,000 sets if 40 days. Have time on your side, but it will be worth it for this highly customized piece.

Minimum order quantity: not very low. Typically we hope to sell 5,000 sets minimum. We can go lower on this domino set, but please contact us to discuss desired quantity.

Price includes ocean shipping to California and all duties and taxes. For shipping costs on air freight; please contact us.

Contact JLstyle for a bevy of alcohol, beer, tavern, mancave and other custom promotional products that you cannot necessarily obtain from onshore vendors. All manufactured from China.