Project Description

Playing Cards – Custom Prints & Personalized Packing Options

Do playing cards ever go out of style? A timeless piece for your alcohol brand, sports team, gift shop, and the souvenir industry.

  • Branding:  UV Print, full-color on back of card.
  • Paper quality:  from 280gsm to 300gsm. Let us know your quality expectations.
  • Singular deck packing: traditional cardboard box, 0.23mm individual tin box for a more premium item.
  • Sampling:  15 days for preproduction sample.
  • Artwork:  provide artwork in both a PDF for visual and Adobe Illustrator for application.
  • Mass production:  30 days for cardboard back, 35 days for tin box packing.
  • Minimum order quantity: generally 5,000 decks, but this is open to discussion.

Consider JLstyle for all your tavern, man cave and hobby-style branded promotional product games. Domino sets, backgammon, dartboards, anything classic that can be branded and packed in higher-end packaging.