Project Description

Glowing in Dark Playing Cards

Sure to be eye-catching and perfect for theme parties. Glow-in-the-dark effect on this quality deck of playing cards. Perfect for movie, character, super hero, holiday, spooky, rock band or any kind of promotion where you’d want to add this glowing effect. Each individual deck comes packed inside of a fully-branded printed sturdy cardboard box.

Carry them on-the-go for the next game night, leave them in your room for a solid decoration piece for even consider them as a collectible for the next movie launch.

Price includes full-delivery to Los Angeles warehouse via our airfreight.

  • Material:  UV Finish, plastic coating
  • Paper quality:  280gsm to 300gsm available.
  • Singular deck packing:  cardboard box, tin canister, plastic lid box are the personalized available options.
  • Branding:  Full-color print on the cards to achieve a nice brand that complements the “glowing” affect.
  • Sampling:  10 days for preproduction sample.
  • Artwork:  provide your artwork so we can analyze your print motif.
  • Mass production timing:  20 to 25 days depending on production facility work volume.
  • Minimum order quantity: generally 5,000 decks, but this is open to discussion.

These are safely and reliably manufactured in China, so we’ll need about 25-30 days for the mass production and another 10 days for air delivery to Los Angeles. Give us delivery address for a full to door quote.