Project Description

90 Liter Retro-Style Metal Cooler Wheels

Roll this big baby along. It’s metal, it’s retro, it’s full of drinks..once you put them in there with the ice. Tons of branding room. Looks good in the bar, in the house, on the boat. Size: 27″ x 16.5″ x 21.5″.

Think about any drink brands, from sodas, to beer to whiskey to wine, whatever your flavor, this piece of promotional merchandise functionality, screams logo and sings value.

This rolling tank of a beer and ice monstrosity will also fit for outdoor campaigns, resort, hotel or even construction projects. Click here for more insight into JLstyle’s work on retro metal coolers.

Chrome latch and chrome handles on the side for hauling this large metal ice chest.

Manufacturing days are generally around 45 days and then sea delivery to the West Coast of the United States is around 20 days for this metal cooler wheels.

Price includes ocean shipping to California and all duties and taxes. For shipping costs on air freight; please contact us.