Project Description

Metal Cooler Box

Classy enough to display anyway, durable enough to go anywhere.

This large cooler; used for a bench, centerpiece of the room or tailgating is sure to attract the eye, thus displaying the brand.

This metal cooler box is retro,  it’s throwback, it’s cold-beer-on-a-hot day cooler goodness.


Capacity: 60 liters

Accessories:  Chrome side rolling handles for easy carry, latch clasp lid and molded front bottle opener.

Meas.:  24.4 x 17.3 x 17.5″

Material:  Iron and aluminum sheeting.

Minimum order quantity:  Between 50 to 100 units of the metal cooler box. Contact us to discuss to evaluate options.

Body color: Catalog of PMS colors available that color the gambit of options.

Production time:  45 days of just mass production.

Logistics is approx 18 days to Los Angeles port and then rail clearance, depending on how busy the port is.

Timing is not super-quick on this item, but imagine approaching your campaign, waaay in advance and pitching this for a seasonal program. This is the kind of item that makes a brand stand out. Think big in your promotional product sells and leave the pens and totebags to the minor leagues.