Project Description

Metal Retro Drink Cooler:

Display your logo or create a vintage pattern for this metal retro drink cooler.

This ice chest has chrome all over it; handles, edging and locking bar. 

Easily totable on a hot summer day, this cooler is scratch & rust resistant. 

In keeping up with the safety of the times, it has a lead-free coating. 

This metal retro drink cooler is non-refrigerated, so bring plenty of ice for your soda or beer.

 A perfect cooler for parties, sports games, teams, beer brands, whiskey labels, rock bands, music groups, concert promotions or university events.


Capacity:  13 liters

Exterior: 11.6″ * 9.25″ * 15″
Interior: 10″ * 7.68″ * 10.45″

Material: iron sheeting exterior and plastic inner casing.

Body color: Catalog of available PMS colors on file that covers most color ranges. Provide us your PMS # and we will confirm.

Minimum order quantity: 50 coolers or open to discussion depending on the production line’s current volume of work.

Mass production: 30 days therefore contact us sooner than later to discuss timing as well as delivery options.

Inquire about our complete line of metal retro coolers.