Project Description

Tassel Knit Cap Beanie

Custom colors and a personalized patch on the flap make this tassel beanie a great retail or promotional product.

Tassel winter ski beanie, woven in custom colors and a woven patch branding accessory on the hanging ear cover areas…you may call muff areas. This is for higher-end promotional campaigns; think ski lodge, warm fire, warm brandy and soft squeeze. This winter knit cap covers the up-coming-youths all the way to the  hoary headed adults anticipating a 2nd spring…if you know what I mean. We manufacture these safely and cost competitively offshore so make sure timing is on your side. Brands this item would serve could be drink brands, liquor, lifestyle, ski, winter sports, concerts in cold weather, hockey, football, soccer and the list goes on.  Polar fleece interior inclusion to make the cap an even more higher-end winter cap. Stay warm, stay fashionable.