Project Description

Ugg Style Boots

Ugg Style Boots for retail or as you can see from our image, a great promotional campaign as well.

Multiple branding options available especially from bead configuration, molded rubber patch and print. Simply send us your idea and let us get to work in offering options.

And of course, color customization of material is very possible.

Interior material:  synthetic wool that provides a comfortable feel and wear

Meas.:  We’re able to customize as necessary but readily available sizes are 36 to 41 centimeters size.

Minimum Order Quantity:  500 pairs.

Manufacturing days:  30 days from deposit to ready to depart from the factory.

Of course we assist in booking to-door USA and to-port other countries. We have years of experience in USA customs clearance.

Branding:  please provide your artwork file and we can discuss the concept.

Sampling timing:  7 days for sample manufacturing and approximate 3 to 5 days for air freight delivery. Therefore, have your artwork ready and send to us for analysis and mockups.

Contact us for discussion of your next promotional product campaign.