JLstyle - Custom Merchandise and Promotional Product Manufacturing

Full Print Retro Lunch Tin Box

Full Print Metal Retro Lunch Tin Box A perfect piece for a promotional campaign or retail line. Material: 0.23mm tin Lunch box measurements:  7.7 inches width [...]

Boxing Gloves Sports Promotions

Branded Boxing Gloves Material: Polyurethane plastic gives a weight and feel similar to what the professional champions themselves wear whenever it comes to boxing gloves. [...]

Retro Full-Wrapped Laminate Metal Cooler


Laminate Metal Cooler, Retro, Vintage, & Unique A truly unique display of your brand. Branding:  Full-color, laminate wrap. There is chrome all over it; handles, [...]

Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug

Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug Carabiner mug in stainless steel material is a durable item. Whether retail or promotional product campaign, we're talking a functional  and display [...]

Customized Promotional Snow Globe

Custom Manufactured Retail & Promotional Snow Globe Provide your artwork and then let's discuss your theme for the goal of manufacturing a custom promotional snow [...]

Custom Printed Playing Cards


Playing Cards - Custom Prints & Personalized Packing Options Do playing cards ever go out of style? A timeless piece for your alcohol brand, sports [...]

Custom Cooler Bags

PMS Matchable, Custom Cooler Bags Material: Canvas or polyester options. Colors: Custom material options. Think about having this bad boy on a full camouflage print [...]

Custom Weekender Duffel Bag

Weekender Duffel Bag to Overnight Style For jet setters and weekend trips, this durable canvas duffel bag is perfect for a getaway. Strap the ends down [...]

Retro Metal Napkin Dispenser


Tin-Plated Vintage Napkin Dispenser A throwback retro item to make your brand standout in the restaurant pub or the mancave. Material:  Tin-plate 0.3mm Branding:  Full-color [...]

Classic Domino Set Retro Tin Box


Classic Domino Set, Retro Tin Box Packing Full, classic domino set in retro tin box. Display your brand to the crew while you're getting together [...]

Gangster Flask Shot Glass Set


Flask & Shot Glass Set Packed in Ol' Fashion Tommy-Gun Theme Case This will go over like gang busters. Stainless steel flask & 4 shot [...]

Custom Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle

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Custom Beer Tap Handle - to make your bar, your brand and your beer stand out Write the name of the beer on this chalkboard. [...]

Large Retro Cooler


60 Liter Large Retro Cooler Display your logo on this retro-style cooler; the kind you see in old country highway service stations for soda or [...]

Rolling Metal Cooler

73 Liter Rolling Metal Cooler This durable, double-sided cooler is perfect for events, restaurant or bars. Large branding area on the side to promote your [...]

Branded Air Hockey Table

Liquors, beers, drinks, sport teams or your local fishing association...whatever! Brand and play the fire out of this branded air hockey table. Branded Air Hockey [...]

Vintage Plastic Napkin Dispenser

Plastic napkin dispenser from days past...but now branding a hot brand Material:  durable polypropylene plastic casing Branding:  sublimated branding for the crisp, full-color effect Measurements:  [...]

Heavy Duty 22 Liter Cooler

Heavy Duty 22 Liter Cooler Heavy duty 22 liter cooler. Big branding, big cross bar handle and closure for a big promotional product campaign. Functional [...]

Shoulder Strap Compact Duffel Bag

Compact Sports Duffel Bag This classic style duffel bag comes equipped with comfortable removable straps. Use 'em or tuck 'em away. Branding options are possible [...]

Branded Collapsible Cups in Leatherette Pouch


Branded Collapsible Cups Custom branded collapsible cups are stainless steel drink cups packed in a leatherette pouch. The branding for these particular pieces was an [...]

Mini Mal Surfboard

Mini mal surfboard for surfboard gear retail or, like this Canadian Club version, a kick-ass, high-performance promotional product. Mini Mal Surfboard Specs 9.6" x 29" [...]

Retro Cooler Drink Box 14 Inch 24 Liter


14" tall, 24 Liter capacity Retro Cooler Drink Box Classic iron retro cooler drink box. In the shop, the garage, the man cave, fill it [...]

Full Campaign Manufacturing

Customized, Full Campaign Manufacturing Custom merchandise manufacturing is one of JLstyle's specialities. From idea presentation to consolidating your manufacturing for your brand or end-user under [...]

Elegant Bar Tool Kit Gift Set


A gift for anytime of the year; birthdays, holidays, bar tool kit giving day...name it! Bar Tool Kit This bar tool kit contains a stainless [...]

Vintage Metal Napkin Dispenser

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Retro & Fully-Branded Metal Napkin Dispenser A vintage piece of merchandise to spotlight your brand and logo in the restaurant pub or the mancave. Material:  [...]

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