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27 07, 2016

Air Shipment for Offshore Promo Orders

Large portions of orders in the promotional product biz are sent from China via air shipment. Did you know that for a certain type and large portion of promotional orders, air shipment is more economic and efficient than sea freight?  […]

19 07, 2016

More on FOB China Port

A deftly executed and skillfully manufactured order can delay at the China port if your logistics and booking are not in order. In the promotional product industry, this can mean what was a great order is now a delayed order. A delayed order, many times equals a failed order. […]

7 04, 2016

More Deposit Payment Considerations in China Manufacturing

Sending the deposit payment before due diligence is detrimental to the smoothness and quality of your order. […]

1 04, 2016

Before You Make the Deposit Payment in China Manufacturing

In China manufacturing, make sure there is a level of assurance before you wire the first deposit payment to your supplier. Not so much to avoid a scams but to avoid misunderstandings in specs, thus resulting in incorrect mass production from the factory.  […]

10 03, 2016

Price Quote Questions in Promotional Item Sourcing

What questions come to mind when you look at your price quote? The post will obviously be geared to the promotional product distributor & importer… […]

25 02, 2016

More Thoughts on Import Order Documents

Your import order documents are a critical aspect of smooth customs clearance and timely delivery. In the promotional product business where timely delivery is key, it’s necessary to share a few more thoughts on this topic. […]

19 02, 2016

Reminders on Order Documents

Order documents are an often overlooked but a critical aspect of your China sourcing project. When it comes to working with Chinese vendors and being proactive on your order documents, here’s some order reminders.  […]

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