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21 11, 2016

4 Things to Consider When Your Supplier Quotes a High Price

A buyer opens the quote sheet, their eyes immediately float to the price per piece and they see a high price. “Sigh, the search continues for a quote. Was hoping that supplier would work out, but they gave me a high price”. They close the sheet and continue searching and shopping about. Frustration plagues the process. But before you write off a supplier based on a “high price” here are 4 considerations to ponder. […]

26 08, 2016

Things to Include in Your Promotional Product RFQ – Part 1

An effective RFQ is the start of a successful China sourcing project. As we all know the RFQ is the “request for quotation” and it’s basically when you contact the supplier to provide you a quote. So what to include in that RFQ? Let’s get to it…. […]

8 08, 2016

Be Thorough in Your Initial Inquiry

When quoting an offshore campaign, be as thorough as possible in the initial inquiry. In China sourcing, there’s already going to be sufficient questions and emails back-and-forth between you and your Chinese supplier. Minimize misunderstandings by being thorough in that first RFQ or inquiry out the gate. […]

13 03, 2016

Promo Item Sourcing: Reviewing Supplier Price Quotes

China sourcing requires frequent interaction with supplier price quotes. Clients may have multiple price sheets per week to review. Thoughtfully reviewing supplier price quotes will avoid some of the inefficiencies that plague the importing process. […]

23 03, 2016

Tips on Strengthening Promotional Product Inquiries

Let’s talks about strengthening promotional product inquiries in China sourcing. In the promo industry, a common complaint when quoting offshore, is that the supplier didn’t answer, didn’t answer on time or didn’t thoroughly answer the inquiry. […]

10 03, 2016

Price Quote Questions in Promotional Item Sourcing

What questions come to mind when you look at your price quote? The post will obviously be geared to the promotional product distributor & importer… […]

3 01, 2016

Price Quotation from Your China Supplier: What to Look For?

When you analyze price quotations from your China supplier, here is a list of points to spotlight. This is especially pertinent to those in the promotional product industry, product developers and retail merchandise importers. […]

6 12, 2015

Promotional Product Sourcing Checklist

When it comes to custom projects and product development in the world of promotional product sourcing; here’s a handy dandy checklist to keep you on your proverbial import-buying toes. […]

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