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15 09, 2016

Promotional Item RFQ: Vital Components – Part 3

Leaving certain aspects OUT of a promo item RFQ leads to a less than accurate quote from your China vendor. Vital information in the RFQ gives vendors what they need for accurate quoting. […]

5 09, 2016

Stylistic Tips For Your Promo Product RFQ – Part 2

Successful promo product campaigns start with a professional RFQ. In China sourcing, if the RFQ lacks, it’s no surprise that the vendor’s price quote also lacks. Initial low effort sets the project on the WRONG path. From the beginning, work to optimize your promo product RFQ. […]

20 04, 2016

The Benefit of Asking Your Vendor the Right Questions

In global promotional product sourcing, the buyer that’s prone to success is the buyer that asks questions. Learning to listen to what the offshore supplier says or doesn’t say is part of precise order control, […]

6 03, 2016

Background Info to Provide China Supplier in Product Sourcing

In product sourcing, provide the right background info to the supplier. This gives the supplier a more accurate understanding of the project. The more accurate understanding, the more accurate the quote. An accurate quote is closely related to good quality mass production AND a timely delivery…which is the goal of the whole thing, right? […]

1 03, 2016

5 Reasons Offshore Promotional Product Orders Fail

A buyer’s nightmare is when the QC company goes to the factory and the order’s a mess. A buyer’s WORST nightmare is when the order arrives and the goods are a mess. Here are 5 reasons a potentially successful promo product order becomes a failure. […]

12 02, 2016

5 Ways to Assure Mass Production Success

Success in mass production doesn’t happen when solely left to the supplier, but it’s buyer and supplier working arm-in-arm. Here are 5 ways to assure success in mass production.  […]

2 12, 2015

Types of China Promotional Product Suppliers

Not all suppliers are created equal. There are various types of China promotional product suppliers. […]

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