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23 11, 2016

Red Flags Showing a Possible Order Delay in China Manufacturing

Buyers too often rest secure in assuming the factory is rightly manufacturing their order, timing looks good and no sign of order delay is in sight. This is in spite of the red flags that were majestically waving throughout the project. Buyers tend to have selective belief when dealing with offshore vendors. It’s human nature, right? I mean, we all hope things “go right” and therefore, we choose to believe, regardless of the evidences that scream otherwise.  […]

12 07, 2016

Thoughts on FOB Price Term

The goal of this post isn’t to get into the technicality of the Incoterms but to provide some practical tips on the FOB concept when sourcing your promotional merchandise from China.  […]

30 05, 2016

More Considerations Prior to Starting Your Promo Product Order

Before your order starts is sort of a final phase where you can reconsider and make sure you’ve covered all of your basis. Sure you can also adjust during the order, but sometimes, the factory may get so far, that any adjustment leads to a large money or time loss in the order. […]

7 02, 2016

Keys to Urgent Delivery for Promotional Product Orders

More times than not, promotional product orders manufactured in China require urgent delivery. Here’s a few keys to achieve this coveted urgent delivery. […]

7 01, 2016

Chinese New Year Information

Here is a list Chinese New Year info tidbits. […]

6 12, 2015

Promotional Product Sourcing Checklist

When it comes to custom projects and product development in the world of promotional product sourcing; here’s a handy dandy checklist to keep you on your proverbial import-buying toes. […]

18 11, 2015

Urgent Delivery Time in Promotional Product Manufacturing

One of the most important factors in overseas promotional product manufacturing is the urgent delivery time. Keep these 5 points when controlling timing for your promotional product orders. […]

6 09, 2015

Chinese Holidays and Production Scheduling

As we’re entering the mid-Autumn season here in China, it’s important to remind all importers the connection of the Chinese holidays and production scheduling. […]

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